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The passage of time

Since 3500BC, humans would track the sun using rods, Egyptians followed in those first steps by creating the sundial. Each method modified, improved, refined over centuries of time to make the precise time pieces we surround ourselves with each and every day.

BBC - A History of the World - Object : Early English 'Scientific' Sundial

Decorative clocks to add that je nais se quois to an individual’s homes and living spaces, functional informative clocks on office walls around the world showing EST and GMT in different areas of the world, alarm clocks to wake us from our peaceful slumbers to name just a few.

Styles range from the flashy to the functional to the bare bones of cogs and mechanisms on show for all to see.

Today’s connoisseur is always on the never-ending search for something “new and different” which has inspired the evolution of ClockDesignCo

What are the characteristics of ClockDesignCo?

Firstly, their intimate and idiosyncratic style. The husband and wife UK family business distinguish themselves from larger chain manufactures by offering personalized attention to care and detail for each one of their new and loyal customers.

While there is no strict definition of what a clock should look like, the genre does tend to have some common features.

The clocks typically range from 36cm or 15".  They often have 12 numerical numbers and 2 hands.

Individuality, unique in its operations (meticulously handmade laser and CNC machines made with love and care and housed in a specifically built workshop at the bottom of their Derbyshire garden by the owner and fully qualified Design Engineer, the clocks often combine chic elegance with sleek and contemporary designs, individually handcrafted and packaged. also cater for the fun trendy and that quirky sense of humour demonstrated through creative designs such as their retro clocks.  Using locally sourced materials and specialised unique woods reflecting the high quality synonymous with the companies environmental and sustainability ethics.

If you think are just the style for you.

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