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The Summer Artisan Market!

Oh the glorious summer days, bees buzzing whilst drinking the nectar from the flowers in full bloom, toddlers and their older siblings playing hide and seek amongst the trees and the sound of birds tweeting their joy to their companions in the sky's above.

What else can make a typical English summer enjoyable?

The Artisan Markets! Makers Markets! Craft Markets! and food glorious food to tickle everyone's taste buds.

The season for strolling between stalls lovingly prepared and decorated to demonstrate the love, hard work, passion, incredible talent and commitment the market sellers have is here for all to embrace.

There is always something you can find which you did not think you needed upon arrival but was there peaking up at you, twinkling, sparkling, smelling so good, it’s impossible to walk away empty handed.

Today was the first Artisan Market of 2021 myself, husband and puppa "Molly the lovable beagle" attended at

Handmade jewellery, every piece expertly crafted by the owner of the stall perfect for that special gift for a loved one or a little treat for oneself!

Followed by a trip to Spain. Eating tapas, drinking sangria and soaking up the sea and sand. 

OK we wasn't actually in the lovely Espanol but the gorgeous handmade ceramics all painted in the typical Spanish style had me dreaming of long lazy holidays in the sun. I simply could not resist treating myself to three Tapas bowls which will be perfect for entertaining with loved ones. 

Then the piece de resistance. Chocolate Cake! Fudge Brownies, Hazlenut Cookies, Pastries, Pork Pies, Samosas, Ice Cream, Scotch Eggs, the list of tempting bites, morsels and pure indulgence goes on and on and on.

For a chocoholic such as myself I believe I did extremely well to not buy the whole stalls worth of produce! My bank manager would not have been pleased! But OMG. I did buy the Lemon and Praline Cannolis from and the Cream Egg and Toblerone Brownies from “Cookie Crumbles Bakery”. 

But unfortunately, it wasn’t all about me. There was even a perfect stall created for our small wagging tail companion. Molly did not come away empty handed (or empty pawed). Pigs Ears, Turkey Necks, Lamb Bones, Antlers and everything else you can imagine keeping your lovable pet quite for a few hours was at the “Dog Deli”

So, what about my husband?

 I was happy with my ceramics and chocolate and Molly was even happier with her puppy treats but what about the male buyer?

The Father, Grand-Father, Husband, Boy-Friend or Son who doesn't quite have that sweet tooth and fine jewellery isn't quite to his taste.

Alcohol! And lots of it. Fine Ales to Gin to Wine made from local Grapes grown in the nearby town of  Tamworth. Now please do not get me wrong!

I am not saying my husband is an Alcoholic and all men prefer this type of purchase but these stalls did not go amiss and quite rightly have their place in these wonderful markets. 

The only small thing lacking was the options for home decor. 

Yes, there was the occasional painting stall and homemade candles (which smelt divine) but what was needed to add that extra oomph was that little something to brighten up the home. 

A new centre-piece for the dining table, a vase to put your freshly picked flowers or a new clock to fill an empty space on a wall.

Local Homemade Companies such as or

ForestersLifestyle would be a great addition!

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