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100% Solid Oak & Beech Wood Wall Clock | Round Skeleton Clock | Rustic Kitchen Clock

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Solid Oak/Beech Wooden Skeleton Wall Clock

Smartphones may be our ultimate timekeepers these days, but modern wall clocks most certainly add more charm to the act of checking the time, and they make amazing home décor accessories.

Our skeleton clock is created using two varieties of wood. The body of the clock which frames the classic skeletal design is carved from 100% solid white English oak which has been specially selected for the boldest wood grain. The skeleton face is created from light birch wood so that it contrasts against the deep oak wood tones which provides a decorative and interesting appearance.

Oversized Rustic Skeleton Kitchen Clock

Aside from keeping you on time, our Wooden clocks make a striking design statement in any room, from the kitchen to the home office. It's a wonderfully romantic and cosy take on the classic skeleton design.

Not only do we hand craft all our wooden clocks, we also create our own wood finishing polish. It's a very old recipe used by French polishers made from organic white beeswax and carnauba wax which we then blend with mineral spirits. It nourishes the wood and leaves a smooth, deep and matt finish that will hold its lustre for years to come.

We're very passionate about our clocks so we want the best aesthetics from the finest Oak.

Each clock is made from a different piece of Oak and usually from a different tree. This means that the grain and pattern of the wood will change from one to another. This makes each clock truly unique in its appearance and like no other. We are constantly blown away by the sheer beauty of the clocks we produce and sometimes find it hard to part with them. We think they're fantastic and we're sure you'll think the same too.

You will notice two different grain patterns in the product images. This is an amazing example of the variety of grain that can be expected from one clock to another.

Clock features optional clock hands with silent second hand.

Highest quality 20~27mm thick Solid White English Oak Highest quality 20~27mm thick Solid Beech Wood

Silent quartz clock mechanism - Every clock mechanism is checked before we ship.

Clock will be carefully packaged in a bespoke size recycled cardboard box with foam packing to ensure safe delivery.

Supplied with hanging hook

***FREE UK Delivery on 45cm or less***

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