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Always late? My TOP TEN tips for keeping your schedule organised

Why am I never on time?
Are you someone who is always late? Whether it's arriving on time at work, or meeting your friends
for a social drink, picking your kids up from school or that interview for your dream job.

You don't know what goes wrong and you try so hard to leave the house on time but something (or someone) always scuppers your best laid plans.

At times it seems the world is against you and determined to throw obstacles in your path. It's not like you are late on purpose. Right?

Mmm I know ..I have to be at the doctors by 10am so Instead of leaving at 9.30am for a 10 minute walk .. I'm going to sit here watch more re-runs of my favourite childhood drama whilst eating my favourite snack....

nooooo that's not what you do. I know that, you know that, so what goes wrong?

From personal experience time is a tricky one. We underestimate the time it takes to compete tasks and we over estimate the time we have to complete said tasks.

It's one of life’s conundrums just there to make our lives so much fun!

So what does a person who is always on time do different? How have they solved the space time continuum which alludes us other earth inhabitants.

solving time with clock
Well here is my top 10 list of key traits, skills or just plain observations which if you use moving forward may help to get you to where you are going to on time!

Let's jump straight in at Number 1.

Organisation is at their core.

Punctual people plan ahead, they keep journals, diaries, calendars and schedule everything from key
work meetings, personal appointments to birthdays and social events.

Nothing escapes their planning and nothing is forgotten.

Lady planning her time

Number 2

They know the time it takes to complete tasks.

Because punctual people plan meticulously they know how long it takes to walk 1 mile, they know how long a train will take from A to B, they know how long it takes to get ready and they use all of this stored up information to ensure their days run as smoothly as possible.

Distance in time

Number 3

They add in some slack!

Buffer, safe guards, cushioning, additional time around each task to ensure if they counter any life unexpectant curve balls they can respond and still have time to get to their appointment on time.

cushioning time

Number 4

They don't sleep in!

Punctual people are early risers. They realise there are only so many day light hours and they make the most of them. Do you find yourself lying in bed or pressing the snooze button one too many times? Try getting out of bed a little earlier and see how much you can achieve with all that extra time you have found.

old man waking up in time

Number 5

They are realists not optimists!

People who have a tendency to be late have also been found to be eternal optimists, have sunny dispositions and never look at anything with a negative viewpoint.

The problem with being an optimist is that you try to do too many things with too little time.

Evaluate the tasks at hand and if you have a list of 5 things to do cut that down to 3 and see whether that helps your time management.

woman time managing

Number 6.

They audit their time!
The only way to understand where your time goes is to analyse it. You believe you only spend 5 minutes on social media but actually it's 45 min. You were under the impression checking emails was
approx. 30 min work but oops it's actually 80 minutes.

We all have 24 hours in a day but until you audit exactly what you do in those 24 hours you will never improve your time management and continue to be a tardy individual.

time running away
Number 7

Set time scales.

Once you have audited your 24 hour time period the next step is to review and then set your time limit for certain tasks.

For example, 20 min social media, 30 min exercise, 30 min email...

By allocating time scales you become a lot more efficient and less time is wasted.

planning a schedule
Number 8

Start saying No!

As we all progress through our lives we eventually come to a point of realising that we have said yes to so many tasks and activities and social interactions and employment commitments and play schemes and after school clubs and gym classes that we have lost the ability to say no.

As a result we run from one task to another stumbling in late from one activity to another that even the most organised individuals struggle to keep up.

Those who have mastered the subtle of art of saying no politely enables them to focus on the truly most important tasks and as a result are rarely late!

tired man with no time

Number 9

People who are always on time have clocks placed in strategic places around the home.

Hallways near the house keys, coats or front door to ensure they leave on time.

Kitchen clocks to ensure tea times are on track.

Bedroom and dressing room clocks so they don't drag their feet whilst getting ready.

These little reminders all help to keep the day on track and most importantly get you out the door
on time!

We custom design and make stylish wooden skeleton wall clocks to hang in the home. Why not check them out and get some ideas

Finally Number 10.

Go to bed on time!

Out of all the steps having 8 hours sleep each night and a regular bed time will set you up for the day ahead.

Your body needs rest and the only way to ensure you start each day rejuvenated, refreshed and ready for anything is by ensuring you get your sleep.

By following these simple steps lateness will be a thing of the past!

going to bed on time


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